Norwegian funding of 1.4 million euro for selective recycling

Norwegian funding of 1.4 million euros for selective collection in Romania, a project of Total Waste Management

Bucharest, Mai 20th, 2015 – Norwegian government through Norway Grants program, co-financed with 1.4 milion euros a project for collecting the reciclable waste from the population, implementd by Total Waste Management. The total value of the project was 4 million EUR. Part of Green Group, Total Waste Management is a full-service provider of integrated waste management solutions. The project consists in the development and the implementation of an intelligent collection infrastructure in 25 large cities in Romania, aiming to collect 15.200 tonnes of waste annually (packaging waste and electrical and electronic equipments), to be sent to the recycling plants in Romania.

"Norway aims to become one of the most innovative and green economies in the world. Optimizing existing industries, encouraging entrepreneurship and investment in eco-innovation, developing and implementing new technologies, these are some of the steps taken by Norway to promote a green economy. As such, Norway is committed to helping to optimize the economies of other European countries, such as Romania. Sustainable development is a global persuit. The project presented today is a cutting-edge initiative in waste management in Romania, integrating both selective waste collection, and processing activities”, declrared Ms. Tove Bruvik Westberg, the Ambassador of Norway in Romania.

Generically called SIGUREC, a wordplay of the phrase "real recycling", the collection points integrate four key components:

•    a fully automatic unit for the recovery of the packaging waste
•    a semi-automatic unit for electrical and electronic equipments
•    a transport truck that serves each collection point
•    waste compacting unit

An intelligent software records the waste and provides interactivity with the people involved in the selective collection process. The technological equipments use Tomra solutions, number one company in the world in automatic packaging waste collection devices. These were integrated with a unique electronics collection system, thus resulting a singular collection concept in Europe.
Process automation and electronic monitoring of the waste offers several important advantages. The supplied data is clear and precise, such as the type and the wheight of the waste, and ensures the transparency and the traceability to the recycling factories.

An important role in encouraging the people to use the SIGUREC systems is played by the partnership with retailers such as Carrefour. Thus, collecting the recyclables through SIGUREC, rewards are automatically issued in the form of discount coupons to use in the hypermarkets.

Through this project, we want to convey two important messages: that the waste has value and that it really goes to recycling. The people are encouraged to use our systems receiving discount shopping vouchers equivalent with the value of deposited waste, automatically issued after the insertion of the waste into the devices. The voucher is actually the guarantee that the waste is registered and that it will reach the recycling plants. Those who do not want the reward, can redirect the amount received to a social cause”, declared Constantin Cristea, the General Manager of Total Waste Management.

So far, 11 collection points were installed in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Oradea, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Iasi, Suceava, Braila, Focsani, Pitesti and Ploiesti, while the rest of the collection points will be in place by the end of the year. Through these 11 collection points, 1300 tonnes of recyclable materials were recovered.

All the collected materials are transported to the partner recycling factories in Romania, such as Greentech, Romcarbon, Greenweee, GreenLamp, Greenglass Recycling, Vrancart, ECOPAPER, AMEP and others.
The first project of this type ws launched in 2013 in Buzau, with private funding by Green Group. At the same time, the holding has implemented in 2014, again with private funding, other two stations of this type at Carrefour Baneasa and Carrefour Vitantis.

About the funding program

The "Green Innovation in Romania Industry" is part of the financing scheme offered by Norway through the Norway Grants 2009 - 2014, with the goal of reducing the socio-economic disparities in the European Economic Area and the strengthening of the bilateral relations between Romania and Norway. The objectives of the program aim to increase the competitiveness of companies working in the green industry, greening the existing industries, development of green entrepreneurship through innovation.

The program is managed by Innovation Norway, the most important instrument of the Norwegian Government on the development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.
More information about the program can be found on the website dedicated to the program: and

About Total Waste Management

Total Waste Management is a leading provider of waste management services with nationwide presence. The company is part of Green Group, the largest investor in the green industry in Romania and owner of a major integrated recycling park in Europe.

The logistic platform held by Total Waste Management - car fleet, infrastructure, know-how allows both direct collection of recyclable waste from households, as well as direct collection from residential and industrial customers or sending them to recycling factories in Romania.

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