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Reach your environmental objectives through proper waste management

Efficiency and productivity are essential for you, but at the same time, you want to keep costs under control and to achieve environmental objectives. Total Waste Management provides integrated waste management services, starting from an assessment of the waste streams you generate.

Integrated Waste management services

Total Waste Management provide integrated waste management in an efficient and professional manner and you take advantage of the expertise of over 14 years in waste management offered by Green Group’s...

The infrastructure for waste storage

We help you to safely store the waste until the collection truck arrives. We provide bags, bins or containers.


Reporting to the authorities

We provide the collection reports to the Environmental Protection Authority, Environment Fund Administration, local public authorities that guarantee transparency in collection, transport and proper waste treatment.


Csr / sustainability 

For effective waste management and minimal impact on the environment we offer integrated services, including waste sorting infrastructure, collection and safe transport directly to the recycling factories in Romania.


National Coverage

We are present in the most important areas of the country and we can cover all your company sites.


Solutions for all recyclable waste

We collect and handle all types of non-hazardous recyclable waste: packaging waste, all types of electrical, electronical or home appliances waste, lamps, batteries, light bulbs.

Trasability to the recycling factories

Total Waste Management has made a firm commitment to reduce landfilling. Through our solutions, we ensure the traceability of the waste towards the recycling factories in Romania.



Modern selective waste collection infrastructure

Total Waste Management launched SIGUREC, the most modern infrastructure for selective collection of recyclable waste. People cand bring over 10 types of recyclable materials at the outdoor stations (SIGUREC PRIME) or at the indoor solution (SIGUREC IN).


Our projects

The most modern infrastructure for selective collection of the recyclable waste



Sigurec App helps you to send the waste directly to recycling. You can call the collection truck right at your doorsteps.