Meet the smart collection station SIGUREC

SIGUREC PRIME is a user friendly compact station for the selective collection of packaging waste as well as for electrical and electronic equipments. Located in the parking lots of hypermarkets, SIGUREC PRIME integrates state of the art collection systems that recognize and register the waste and reward the users with discount shopping vouchers.

With SIGUREC PRIME, users can collect over 10 types of waste, from PET packaging, glass and aluminum, foils, grocery bags, polystiren and other plastic containers, to electrical and electronic equipments, light bulbs and batteries.
From 2013 until today, 30 SIGUREC PRIME stations have been placed in the biggest cities in Romania. It is are the perfect solution for the users who want to enjoy a safe and ecological waste collection system.

From SIGUREC PRIME, Total Waste Management transports the waste directly to Romanian recycling factories, where it is converted into raw materials for industries.